Partnership plays a major role in our success. Partnerships are successful when all parties involved benefit from the partnership. We carefully select our partners to ensure that we offer unique value to our trusted customers.

Our partners tell us that they value our professionalism and our ability to effectively bridge the gap between the Middle East and Europe. Through our strong relationship with our partners, we are able to fulfil the demands of our customers, and were needed provide tailor made solutions.

A selection of our key partners is listed below.

Qaiwan group

Qaiwan Group is the largest oil trading company in Kurdistan thanks to strategic partnerships with renowned refineries, international trading companies and local partners in the region and around the world. The development of a focused expansion strategy has ensured Qaiwan Group is recognised as a key international player in the oil refining and trading, construction and hospitality industries. The company constantly explores new innovative, technological advancements and business opportunities to enable it to maintain its position as one of the region’s largest and most respected diversified conglomerates.

Sanat Force

Force (Fuel, Oil filtration, Recycling, Consumables, Engineering) company did a wide research in oil and fuel filtration field (in year 2005) to update used oil refining industry and provide country industry with modern oil and fuel filtration equipments to prolong oil, parts, machineries life, change the production and also maintenance time effectively, reduce costs, and finally increase companies’ economic efficiencies. This resulted in establishment of Force company. Force company works closely with steel, mining, petrochemical, refinery, power plants and industry cement factories. Force company creates several local and foreign used oil refining factories using non-acidic method and converting acidic industry to non-acidic industry. This is the only company in Iran that produces these systems, using vacuum mechanism for the first time. In addition. Force company, as a reliable consultant, provides consultation and cooperation for industrial institutions to prolong oil and fuel, machineries and equipments.

AKAM Bitumen

The company has two bitumen  manufacturing units, with standard reactors , equipped with instrumentation control system ,producing bitumen grades 40/50,60/70,85/100 and 120/150. In its development plan, construction of emulsion and polymer  bitumen units are included.

Jey Oil Refining Co.

Jey Oil Refining Company is established by purchasing Bitumen Production Plant of Esfahan Refinery in 2003. Jey Oil is one of the largest bitumen production units in the Middle East which is producing various types of top quality bitumen’s in the world. Jey Oil exports 80% of its products to different European, Asian and African countries. The refinery has four separate bitumen production Units which are producing blown bitumen by two units, bitumen emulsion & cutback bitumen.

  • Air Blown Asphalt Capacity 40,000 BPD
  • Cutback Bitumen Capacity 7100 BPD
  • Bitumen Emulsion Capacity 20 T/hr
  • Storage Capacity 500,000 barrels

The products are in line with International Standards (Penetration Grade (ASTM) , Viscosity Grade (VG) ) and we have the ability to Produce Performance Grade (PG) and modified bitumen .

Delivery Services are in bulk, drum & Jumbo Bags.


Fluxpharma is dedicated to export only high quality medicines to focused areas worldwide. Fluxpharma can deliver virtually any medication that is currently on the market.

Shams Investment

Al Shams Investments is a full-service Investment company regulated by the Central Bank of Kuwait offering personalized investments to private, public institutions and individuals.

Al Shams Investments mission is to grow, manage and preserve the wealth of its worldwide base of clients with a great range of investments. Al Shams Investments is committed to delivering the highest level of services with integrity and business ethics. Al Shams Investments ensures that the trading experience of its clients is efficient, hassle-free, fair, and equitable.



ESIONAL SDN BHD is an independent lubricant manufacturer with more than 10 years experience in the production of high quality, well-engineered lubricating products. Located in Malaysia, Esional’s blending plant is designed with state-of -the- art production facilities and efficient logistics to cater to both local and export market
Esional manufactures a complete line of high performance and specialty lubricants utilized in all types of industries world wide. Esional’s trademark product MG Oil R is internationally recognized.